Simtest Engine Test Station Simulator 208/240V 60Hz 1Ph, QT180D2T

  • Brand: Simtest
  • Condition: For Parts or Not Working
  • SKU: 13331
  • Model: QT180D2T
  • Lot# 13331 MS
  • MPN: QT180D2T
Sim testing (or simulation testing) – Is a test performed by manufacturers of rebuilt engines but is often referred to incorrectly as Dyno testing. Sim testing is the process of using a machine to spin the engine. The SimTest machine flows preheated oil through the engine while spinning the rotating assembly. This allows us to test for compression, proper oil pressure and any noises. It also allows the engine lifters to be pumped up thus aiding in eliminating any start up tapping.

The SIMTEST is a simple engine test that standardizes quality and reduces any possible comebacks. The relative success or failure of a remanufactured engine is a matter of physics, plain and simple. This machine checks it all: compression, pressure maintenance, oiling, valve adjustment, turning torques and a host of other functions.

These are checked against rigid industry standards. With the SIMTEST machine, we systematically test all mechanical functions and procedures involved in engine remanufacturing. It’s accurate and dependable and helps assure our guarantee to you for the highest quality remanufactured engine possible. So, the next time you order a remanufactured engine from us, rest assured that it is the highest quality engine.

The engine is not under its own fire or running on fuel at this point.